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A general comment.

In our experience, each Client's requirements are unique when analysing the details of their business processes.  It follows that your specific requirements cannot be covered on a general website such as this.  We hope however that the information presented here will help you establish an overview of our products but you should note that they are highly configurable and can be used in a variety of different settings.  We ask that you contact us early in your thought processes.  We will happily demonstrate our solutions to you and help you settle on the "shape" your solutions should take.

It follows that our website is simplified and this is reflected in the site map described below.


This is our home page and is self explanatory.

Chargecard solutions.

This page describes our chargecard solutions that operate with all major card issuing banks and control the data relating to 'Purchasing Cards', 'Government Procurement Cards (GPC)' and other chargecard related spends.

For chargecard solutions click here.

Invoicing solutions.

If you are looking at our product, you will be concerned with either sending invoices to your customers or processing invoices received from your suppliers.

Our Invoice BackOffice product will work well in either scenario.

If you are considering exporting invoices TO your customer, click here.

If you are considering importing invoices FROM your suppliers click here.

Reporting solutions.

Reporting is sometimes more correctly referred to a Management Information or MI for short.

Your systems contain a wealth of information.  However, this valuable asset is of little use unless you exploit it to the full.

For MI solutions, click here.

About us.

Successful projects are built on a partnership.  This page will give you a feel as to how we work and our philosophy and approach to our business.

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