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Who we are, how we work and what we do.

Our Origins.

Tritorr were founded in 1994.



The company initially developed as a consultancy business working with Visa and the banking community, responsible for the creation of Purchasing Cards as we know them today.

Electronic Commerce.

As early champions of e-procurement, Tritorr was engaged in formulating electronic commerce strategies for Visa International, the Office of Government Commerce (then Her Majesty’s Treasury) and many leading European Banks.

This lead to requests for tailor made solutions

Product Development.

The business focus widened to include product development in 2000 with Defra becoming one of our first clients.   

Defra remained a key partner, and have extended their usage of our systems to manage other purchases.

It was whilst working with Defra that we realised the capabilities of the system we had built extended to much more than just purchasing cards, and we expanded our systems into the area of Mobile Phones and other areas of non-Purchase Order spend.

Quest for improvement.

We are constantly seeking to improve and extend the capability of our existing products such as our flagship, IBO to satisfy the growing demands of our customers, as well as to introduce complimentary products such as our Management Information tool – RBO.

The key to our development and success lies with our dedicated team, who hold the experience (over 100 years combined in purchasing and software) and drive to deliver industry leading products and services to all our existing and potential clients.

And finally...

What you will not find on our site are customer names. Far from being secretive, we have to respect our Client's confidentiality. The nature of the data we handle and the organisations for whom we work mean that security is a primary issue. Regrettably, this leaves us short of case studies.  However, it is  easy to check out our products and our credentials; all you need to do is ask and we will demonstrate our products in action and you can see for yourself the clear difference they would make to your organisation. We hope to hear from you shortly.