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Reporting / Management Information (MI).

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Reporting BackOffice (RBO) schematic: click here

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Overview of our Reporting Solution.

All organisations spend large amounts of money and effort on their systems and the information that builds up within the electronic systems should be regarded as a significant asset of the business (otherwise, why have them?).

Disparate Organisations.

In today's often disparate organisations, the people requiring the information may be many miles away from the computer that produces it.

RBO ensures the right report reaches the right person.

RBO uses the power of Crystal Reports combined with the web to ensure the the information reaches exactly the person that needs it and is entitled to see it.  The information is prepared so that it contains exactly what is needed so that the user isn't faced with a regular 'information dump' which just might be useful once , but is discarded every month thereafter as being hopelessly too cumbersome.

The person requiring the information is alerted that the new report is ready and we retain audit details so you can be assured that exactly the right person has seen the information required - and who forgot to look this month.

This is particularly useful for such issues as safety bulletins or financial performance reports  because access can be traced to ensure the reports were seen.